Significance of Female Education in Economic Development

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Author Name :- Dr. Sonika Kakkar,Dr. Gurudatt Kakkar,

Journal type:- IJCRI-International journal of Creative Research & Innovation

Research Field Area :-  Department of Education ; Volume 2, Issue 1, No. of Pages: 9 

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Abstraction :-

Female Education in every sense is one of the basic factors of growth and development of a country. No country can achieve sustainable economic development without significant investment in female education. Education develops people’s understanding of themselves and world. It develops the quality of their lives and leads to social benefits to individuals and society. Female education raises the growth and creativity and encourages entrepreneurship and technical advances. It also plays an important role in economic and social development and improving income allocation. Keywords: Economic Growth and Development, Poverty, Productivity, Education, Technology, Trade, Health.

Keywords :- 

Female Education, Economic Development, health, nutrition and family planning

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