Online Vs Offline shopping

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Author Name :- Divya Bagla,,

Journal type:- NJRIP-National Journal of Research and Innovative Practices

Research Field Area :-  Commerce and Management ; Volume 2, Issue 1, No. of Pages: 8 

Your Research Paper Id :- 201710017

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The study tries to recognize that, how consumer measure channels for their purchasing. Specifically, it progresses a conceptual model that addresses consumer value perception for using the internet shopping versus the traditional shopping. Earlier study showed that perceptions of price, product quality, service quality and threat strongly impact perceived value and purchase intents in the offline and online network. Observations of online and offline buyers can be evaluated to see how value is constructed in both channels. It is hitherto to recognize what factors influence online and offline shopping choice progression. The objective of this study is to provide an impression of online shopping decision process by comparing the offline and online decision making and identifying the factors that motivate customers to decide whether to do online shopping or go for the offline shopping. Consumer’s shop when and where they want, where they are comfortable with the products and the choice of shopping. The study finds that female are more into online shopping than male. Since last two years as population are more aware of the technology the online shopping increased immensely. The people from the age group 35 and above are less likely to do online shopping because they are less aware of the technology. However the respondent said that they will love to purchase from online shopping if only the price of the product is less than the market. They revealed that it is fairly important to go for e-shopping. Keywords: Technology, consumer, online shopping, offline shopping, internet, purchasing behaviour

Keywords :- 

Technology, consumer, online shopping, offline shopping, internet, purchasing behavior

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