Pollution Free Environment; A Sustainable Approach For The Indian Economic Development

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Author Name :- Dr Gurudatt Kakkar,Dr Sonika Kakkar,

Journal type:- IJCRI-International journal of Creative Research & Innovation

Research Field Area :-  Department of Education ; Volume 4, Issue 11, No. of Pages: 5 

Your Research Paper Id :- 2019110103

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Abstraction :-

Environmental and pollution related aspects are normally discussed in the context of health and societal aspects only. This is correct also as society by a large directly barely gets effected in this context. It does not mean that this problem is merely confined to such limited area.  The impact is huge and gigantic for the economy of the developed and developing countries. It doesn’t mean that the under developed countries will not have any impact. The impact will be on them also but they have very less to lose.

Keywords :- 

Pollution, Environment, Economic, Development

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