An Analysis on Management of SHG Federation’s in Rajasthan

The progress under microfinance sector in India has registered a remarkable growth in the
past three decades covering more than 77 lakh SHGs and around 9 crore households of which
2.5 lakh SHGs have been promoted in Rajasthan. Microfinance in Rajasthan has also
undergone a sea change in the past few years in terms of credit dispensation, financial
inclusion and other services to the rural poor. The major stakeholder in Microfinance sector
in Rajasthan comprises NABARD, RAJEEVIKA, Directorate of Women Empowerment,
ICDS, NGOs and MFIs. Every SHG federation is having 10-12 employees working for
development these SHG members. The paper highlights the basic features of SHG
federations, Human Resource Policies and Practices of SHG federations, its need for social
and economic development of the society.