Performance Comparison with Modulation Schemes in WIMAX

Performance Comparison with Modulation Schemes in WIMAX

Engineering and Technology

In the new communication era two mobile communication technologies WIMAX and LTE evolved rapid growth in last few years due to increasing demands in Internet Accessing Services. Both the technologies are considered as a candidate of 4th generation of mobile network. The IEEE 802.16 (WiMAX) and 3 GPP LTE are aim to provide better mobile voice, video and data. This paper introduce and compare two advanced technologies WiMAX and LTE in physical layers and also give the performance analysis of different modulation schemes like BPSK, QPSK. 16-QAM based on SNR and BER results are presented with different digital modulation schemes in AWGN channel.
Index Terms—LTE, Wimax, Physical Layer, BER.

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